Hence, pear post-harvest sector is in the urgent need of new sustainable and natural antioxidant and fungicide solutions.

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XedaXeda offers the most complete and innovative range of postharvest chemicals. Its products and technology are patented worldwide. Xeda manufactures and markets packing machinery, equipment for the individual labelling of fruit and vegetables and chemical application equipment. Xeda is committed to sustainable agriculture and every year invests approximately 18% of its turnover in Research & Development and in registrations to bring new and efficient technology and chemicals to the market that respect both people and the environment. Xeda is also involved in other fields such as pre-harvest chemicals and animal feed and grain store sanitation where the use of natural chemicals such as essential oils that show biocide, fungicidal, bactericidal and insecticidal properties is exploited. 18 employees, turnover
10,952, 425.00, balance sheet 15,114,597.00€

Xeda contact person: Jean de Barbeyrac, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile: (0033) 490 090 2323, http://www.xeda.com