Hence, pear post-harvest sector is in the urgent need of new sustainable and natural antioxidant and fungicide solutions.

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The University of Malta

UoM High Res

The University of Malta is the highest teaching institution of the State. The University has been involved as coordinator and partner in numerous EU funded projects under various Programmes including FP5/6/7, Lifelong Learning Programme, Culture 2000, Tempus and various other international and regional programmes and initiatives. The University is also represented in a number of European and international University networks and groups. Its Metamaterials Unit is a world reference in meta-materials, with particular emphasis on materials which exhibit negative Poisson’s ratio, negative thermal expansion and/or negative compressibility, therefore ideal to use as filtering media. The Department of Food Studies and Environmental Health has a strong expertise in Food Microbiology, Predictive Modelling and Food Mycology. Therefore, they are active on assessing and optimizing the efficacy of different filtering material.
2500 employees, turnover 74,255,652.00€, balance 62,695,803.00€.



Academic staff involved:
Dr. Ruben Gatt
Dr. Vasilis Valdramidis


University of Malta contact person: Vasilis Valdramidis, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile: (356) 234 011 57, http://www.um.edu.mt