Hence, pear post-harvest sector is in the urgent need of new sustainable and natural antioxidant and fungicide solutions.

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HS Luftfilterbau GmbH

HSLHS Luftfilterbau GmbH has a prominent position within the climatic and ventilation system market, specializing in complete standard air filter systems. HS Luftfilterbau GmbH develops and produces various kind of air filters and air filter systems for Industrial and pharmaceutical, cleanroom and process air applications. HS Luftfilterbau GmbH has over 38 years of experience in high quality and special filtering mediums and filtration systems.

HS Luftfilterbau GmbH contact person: Malte Schuldt, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile: (0049) 431 719 9530, http://www.luftfilterbau.de