Hence, pear post-harvest sector is in the urgent need of new sustainable and natural antioxidant and fungicide solutions.

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FNAP novoThe Portuguese Beekeepers National Federation was established on the 10th of July of 1996, being born of the will of some regional beekeepers organizations. Today FNAP is a professional beekeepers federation with 38 Portuguese regional beekeepers organizations, including cooperatives, associations and groupings. FNAP looks after the necessities of the national beekeeping sector, offering technic alanalyses, specialized studies or strategies to adopt. Our mission is to defend the interests of the Portuguese beekeepers (in the Country and abroad), always safeguarding the economical component of this activity, in the defence of a worthy life and of quality for all the apiculturists. Since 2006, FNAP is a major player in R&D, having participated and/or promoted several Research & Development Projects, both nationally and internationally including BIOIMPACT, ÁGUA-MEL – Chemical characterization of mead, PAN – Portugal, beekeeping and Nosema (2011 / 2013) and under FP7 CLEANHIVE, TOPHONEY and APIFRESH. 2 employees, turnover 248,746.00€, balance sheet 61,036.00€

FNAP contact person: Joao Diego Guanilho de Freitas, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile: (351) 217 100 084, http://www.fnap.pt